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Now you can finally crash a pair of 22" cymbals with your foot!


Works on any hi-hat or remote hi-hat (see products)

Made of steel in the U.S.A.

US Patent No. 7,329,810 B2

One drummer can now play all 3 parts (snare, bass drum, cymbals) of "The Star Spangled Banner." (see videos)

Cymbal Guy will never get an "air pocket." (see products)

The idea came from a 7-year-old. (see the story)

You can't make this stuff up: the official US Patent classification for this invention is "rigid vibrators."

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In 2012 Cymbal Guy made it to Broadway! The remote pedal version was first used in the pit of the Richard Rodgers Theatre for the Tony-Award-Winning revival of "Porgy and Bess." It allowed Charles Descarfino, the show's drummer/percussionist, to play the loud piatti crash at the beginning of the Overture just seconds before the xylophone solo.

Soon after it was also used in the Imperial Theatre for "Nice Work If You Can Get It." Cymbal Guy's crashes can be heard on both cast albums.


"How did we ever get along without Cymbal Guy all these years? (50 in the studios for me). Cymbal Guy is happening - a 'must' for any serious working percussionist!"

Emil Richards
Hollywood recording legend


Other performances:

2012- "1776" at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C.
2010- Alexander Markov at Carnegie Hall
2009- Little Orchestra Society at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center
2007- "King Lear" at NYC's Public Theatre starring Kevin Kline
2006- "Brundibar" at New Victory Theatre in Times Square
2005- first appearance at a promotional event for the release of "Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith"


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