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CYMBALGUY.COM is a company set up in 2008 to promote this new musical invention and make it available for purchase online.


Cymbal Guy: LArry Spivack

Founder Larry Spivack still is surprised that at age 54 he added a new category to his credits: co-inventor. "I can do a lot of musical things but I'm the least handy guy around. Just putting up a shelf takes me a month. But I had a saw, a drill, and parts from a loft bed…"

Larry indeed does "a lot of musical things." He is a much sought-after percussionist who has played in the Metropolitan Opera and 41 Broadway shows. He has been a substitute at Phantom of the Opera for 22 years. He is a composer of music for theatre, ballet, films, television and the concert hall. He has worked as a conductor, orchestrator, arranger, musical director, pianist, guitarist, accordionist, copyist and teacher. He is co-editor of The Dictionary of Percussion Terms published by Carl Fischer. In 2002 he wrote and performed a one-man-show based on his true show business stories titled The Tune of the Unknown Soloist.

Some of Larry's career highlights include composing and performing incidental music for the Broadway production of Kafka's Metamorphosis featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov in his theatrical debut, and for the critically acclaimed Public Theatre production of Shakespeare's Coriolanus starring Christopher Walken. His ballet Puss in Boots was commissioned and performed by the School of American Ballet with 35 dancers and an 80-piece orchestra of Juilliard students. He was amazed when his orchestration of the Neapolitan song Non ti scordar di me was chosen for the Tribute to Pavarotti and sung by Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras (two of the Three Tenors). Larry conducted the Broadway show Triumph of Love (once) and the Atlanta Symphony for Patti LaBelle. "It was for only three minutes, but I had been awake for 39 hours. You'll have to catch my one-man-show to hear the story."